"My website is driving tons of sign ups. Probably 200% more than before. Super happy with it!"
- Steeve B. | Velocity Capital

What You Can Expect:

Common Questions from Discovery Calls & Preview of the Process

  • 0:25  - 2 Most Common (& Limiting Words) in Discovery Calls

  • 4:17  -  Discovery Call & Proposal

  • 4:53  - 3 Things you get that change your Business

  • 5:55  - Booking & Getting Started

  • 7:00  - Logo & Branding

  • 9:30  - Content & Copy Writing

  • 10:30  - "What's a Wireframe?"

  • 11:45  - Client working on her wireframe

  • 12:38 - Website Design Concepts

  • 13:20 - Client choosing from his Site Design Concepts

  • 14:06 - Completing the website design concept

  • 15:40 - Build & Clients Site Reveal & Launch

  • 17:30 - "How long will this take?"

  • 18:38 - "How soon can you start?"

  • 19:10 - The #1 Thing for Your Project Success

  • 20:07 - Your Next Step to get Free Proposal

  • 20:30 - What my clients love most
                  & why our work can last 5, 7 or 10+ years.

​Your website is a client's first experience with you.


Remember what it feels like to flip through your favorite magazine, or attend the theater or an art show?

These are experiences that change your state of mind which is why they link to your memory, and foster an emotional attachment with what you are experiencing.


I take the foundation of human psychology and best practices of marketing from multiple industries to create branding and website experiences.


We don't road trip without a digital map, or summit our Everests without a Sherpa, so why attempt to piece marketing and branding together without help? Monica provided the map and guidance I needed to level-up my website and marketing. She's an extraordinarily talented Marketing & Branding Sherpa because she feels the pulse, understands the heartbeat of her clients and their mission and applies her talent and skills to take them to the top!

When dealing with large investments, having a professional site is not optional. Before I didn't want to send anyone to my website. It embarrassed me and was hard to work on so I felt helpless. Now I send EVERYONE to my site! It feels like inviting people to my home because it combines so many elements of me.

Monica was in the driver's seat and it was clear she knew the path she was taking me down. The enneagram test and understanding my temperament was a surprise and I was WOWED by how you used that information throughout the design process.

No two sites she designs will ever be alike because where other designers stop- she see’s further depth. Monica is also an expert StoryBrand marketer and will tell your story in a powerful way that connects with your clients in a way that yours competitors cannot.






Investment Ranges:
$2,800 - $3,800

Range depends on these options:

Minimalist Logo
Color Palette
Elements & Icons
Email Signature
Business Card Design
Social Media Covers
Brand Strategy
Brand Guide

Copy Writing Guidance
Copy Audit & Suggestions
Website Layout
Separate Mobile Version
Website - Up to 6 Pages
Stock Images or Yours
Minimalist Website Design
Wix or Squarespace Site

Marketing Strategy 





Investment Ranges:
$3,900 - $6,200


*Bold items are different or additional to the the Esstentials package.

Range depends on these options:

Custom Hand Drawn Logo
Animated Logo & Elements
Color Palette

Custom Elements & Icons
Email Signature
Business Card Design
Social Media Covers

Social Media Templates
Brand Strategy
Personal Brand Discovery
Brand Guide

Website Copy Writing
Copy Audit & Suggestions

Experiential Website Design
Website - Up to a 10 Pages
Website Layout
Separate Mobile Version
Stock Images
Photo Editing
Video Banners
Video Editing
SEO Strategy
In-depth Marketing Strategy
Ebook Design
Competition Research
Product Labeling
+ More!

Each proposal and project is unique to you.

Everything I do for you is custom and unique, so is your package!

Your package will depend on your current level of development in your business, what your business model is and what you want to create!



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 “Monica’s mindset is BY FAR what separates her from the competition.”
- Ryan O.