As a designer and branding consultant I specialize in brand and website designs that create an instant connection.

"By the way, my website is driving tons of sign ups. Probably 200% more than before. Super happy with it!"

- Steeve B. | Velocity Capital


Branding is the physical form of your Unique Selling Point and your ideal audience's deepest desires.


Branding tells a deeper story in silence. It says things that could never be understood in a thousand words. It paints emotion in an instant and triggers a marker in the brain for memory recollection.

As an artist I create custom logos.
I blend and match styles and trends. I customize existing fonts and graphics and can also hand draw unique elements.


​Your website is a client's first experience with you.


Remember what it feels like to flip through your favorite magazine, or attend the theater or an art show?

These are experiences that change your state of mind which is why they link to your memory, and foster an emotional attachment with what you are experiencing.


I take the foundation of human psychology and best practices of marketing from multiple industries to create branding and website experiences.


Becoming an entrepreneur is no easy task, especially when holding a full time job and being parents. There were many times we were so mentally exhausted that we questioned whether we should continue our entrepreneurial path. Monica was always a call or text away, offering encouragement, advice, or to just listen to our current struggles.

From content creation to communicating with Instagram influencers, Monica provided us with a fresh perspective, often evolving our project into something much more exciting and beautiful than we ever envisioned when first getting started.

Monica’s weekly calls allowed me to approach my goals with greater clarity and better focus.  Monica provided us with a fresh perspective. Monica was always a call or text away, offering encouragement, advice, or to just listen to our current struggles. She has a gift for connecting with her client’s vision, often even deeper than we could see it for ourselves. Our conversations always consisted of constructive feedback, setting goals for the week, and celebrating our wins from previous projects.

—  Ryan & Ashley O. | Royal Icing Baking Supply





Investment Ranges:
$2,200 - $3,300

Will include a mix of:

Minimalist Logo
Color Palette
Elements & Icons
Email Signature
Business Card Design
Social Media Covers
Brand Strategy
Brand Guide

Copy Writing Guidance
Copy Audit & Suggestions
Website Layout
Separate Mobile Version
Website - Up to 6 Pages
Stock Images or Yours
Minimalist Website Design
Wix or Squarespace Site

Marketing Strategy 




Investment Ranges:
$3,400 - $6,200

*Bold items are different or additional to the the Esstentials package.

Will include a mix of:

Custom Hand Drawn Logo
Animated Logo & Elements
Color Palette

Custom Elements & Icons
Email Signature
Business Card Design
Social Media Covers

Social Media Templates
Brand Strategy
Personal Brand Discovery
Brand Guide

Website Copy Writing
Copy Audit & Suggestions

Experiential Website Design
Website - Up to a 10 Pages
Website Layout
Separate Mobile Version
Stock Images
Photo Editing
Video Banners
Video Editing
SEO Strategy
In-depth Marketing Strategy
Ebook Design
Competition Research
Product Labeling
+ More!



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 “Monica’s mindset is BY FAR what separates her from the competition.”
- Ryan O.