“Some rules can be bent, others can be broken.”
- Morpheus (The Matrix)


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"Monica is a wizard! She was a brand therapist for us.

That’s where Monica took our muddled vision and transformed it into a recognizable brand presence.

Our requests were chronically vague and somehow Monica was able to produce designs that fit our needs. She did this not only because of her high level of skill, but also by her exceptional patience, kindness, and willingness to pitch alternative ideas or ways of looking at design.

- Sarah B. | Team Manager | World Class


“I can't say enough good things about my experience getting my logo and site designed by Monica. I am so happy with how they both came out.


A consummate professional, and truly top notch. She will really go above and beyond.


I loved how communicative Monica was. I learned A TON through the resources she provided me. This job was packed with value.

I LOVE my logo and website. She was on it, always. She was just such a joy to work with!”

- Ariel S. | Tarot on Wheels


She made this feel fun and exciting!


Monica the best choice I could have made. I had no idea how to create a logo or a website, and I had a hard time even articulating exactly what it was that I wanted.


Based on my vague, ambiguous direction, Monica came up with creative, beautiful designs for both the logo and website that have been complimented over and over again by my clients.


Monica went above and beyond.”

- Jennifer H. | Born Well



"By the way, my website is driving tons of sign ups.  Probably 200% more than before. Super happy with it!"

- Steeve B. | Velocity Capital

“Her eye for design and ability to know what I wanted, even though I couldn't put it into words, was uncanny.


If you're considering Monica, DO IT! She is professional, smart, organized, talented and practical. You won't be sorry!” ”

- Marnie B.


Monica made me feel very comfortable from the very beginning, leading me through the process. Monica helped to create an excellent brand for my company, software product, and website.

Monica streamlined the branding process for my company, making it a much quicker process than I had ever anticipated.


She delivered high-quality products and played a significant role in brainstorming. She is exactly what I was looking for!

- Andre D. | Chief Technology Officer | Razix Solutions


"Monica built a beautiful website for our grand opening festival. She perfectly captured our company values and the atmosphere of the event.

What we loved most was that Monica brought both creativity and technical skill to the project.


She was able to quickly solve problems and communicate the solutions with clarity. The process was as good as the product."

- Steve H. | Vintage Trailer Supply


Effortlessly Sarah

Branding and website for a start up solo-travel and lifestyle blog.


Providing more content for her quickly growing Instagram following by telling her stories and great finds allowed Sarah to lead women into becoming more "Effortlessly You."

With a direction on how to develop this into women's events and merchandise Sarah has a clear path to grow into.

Fireside Retreats

For thousands of years we have gathered fireside to tell stories, be more in tune to nature and reconnect with our hearts and loved ones.

With a laid back atmosphere Emily's Ozark cabins needed a place to better tell their story and experience than their listing on AIR-BNB.

Her brand needed a refresh and we wanted to capture that natural feeling of sitting by the fire.

This site not only starts the experience of a great stay but also works duel-purpose as an Area-Guide for guests!



My Baby Experts

As a brand rep and breastfeeding educator with dvd's licensed to hospitals and clinics around the U.S. Shari has been helping mom's in all stages of early motherhood with advice and instruction videos weekly to her private community of over 16 thousand.

Launching her online course and membership was the next step to help more women answer those questions and feel empowered to breastfeed naturally at home.


“Monica is one of the most committed and easy to work with designers I've ever had the pleasure of working with!

I love how easy it is to flow with Monica, she is creative, adaptable, and always responsive, making sure my needs are always met. Treating my business, as if it were hers.”

- Shari Criso RN, CNM, IBCLC


“I love working with Monica! She is very talented in design … but what makes her stand apart is that she is passionate, dedicated and gives 100% excellence in all she does.

Monica has a savvy business sense from working with so many companies – and so I find I am getting business and marketing expertise too.

Thank you, Monica!! I just watched your video and have a huge smile and very warm heart. Thank you!!!!!! You are so talented and absolutely adorable!!

- Anita, MyMenu




"We would absolutely recommend Monica and her services to anyone looking to start a business, or wanting to more clearly define, or develop an existing one.


We truly believe she provides enormous value through all steps of brand development, from conceptual beginnings to launching a tangible product.


Her ability to quickly identify with her client’s brand and help them not only identify their ideal customer, but to personally relate to their needs, is one of many gifts she has to offer."

- Ryan O. | Royal Icing Baking Supply


"Monica gave me confidence from the very beginning. She made our experience a breeze. Her communication was second to none and she showed a genuine interest and passion for our brand.

She is extremely motivated with an eye for detail and a passion to keep her clients engaged and happy at every step of the process.

We feel reassured that our brand is not only unique to us but has relevance and harmony with the products we are selling.”





From content creation to communicating with Instagram influencers, Monica provided us with a fresh perspective, often evolving our project into something much more exciting and beautiful than we ever envisioned.

Monica’s weekly calls allowed me to approach my goals with greater clarity and better focus.  Monica provided us with a fresh perspective.


She has a gift for connecting with her client’s vision, often even deeper than we could see it for ourselves. Our conversations always consisted of constructive feedback, setting goals for the week, and celebrating our wins from previous projects.

- Ryan O. | Royal Icing Baking Supply


“I worked with Monica for over two and half years on dozens of graphic design projects, and I can't recommend her enough.


She brings a high level of creativity and attention to detail to her work, and the quality of the finished product is outstanding.

She is one of the most responsive designers I have ever worked with. Not only does she put in the time to really research and understand the background behind a particular project, she is also incredibly receptive to feedback.


- Patrick G. | Director of Digital Advertising | AdVenture Media Group

"If you are looking to revamp your brand and or website you should work with her! She has a great eye for design and marketing.

Monica far exceeded my expectations and hopes for my project. It came out better than I could have imagined. She is very professional to work with and gives great feedback. She also completed the job in my needed timeline.


If you want someone to help guide you through the process or give honest feedback on your copy or your design elements so you have a beautiful website that will drive traffic and new customers this is the freelancer for you! I can't say enough good things about working with her!

- Kyla P. | Thrive with Wellness


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